Tropical style bathroom inspirations

I know, I’m a little late, as this furnishing trend has been in vogue for a while now and the solutions I propose you will surely already have seen on the web. However, I decided to write this post because a friend of mine would like to furnish the new bathroom in this style, and I, taken by enthusiasm, offered to collect ideas. On the side of interior images, I have to tell the truth, I have not found any exciting examples, so I propose a few images. I have also created a mood board with some products that could help you with your choices:

The wallpaper with tropical motifs on the left is perfect for the bathroom: I already talked about it in this post ( Furnishing trends: wallpaper in the bathroom? Yes but artistic). It is not necessary to use it on all the walls of the bathroom: in my opinion, it is very elegant alternating with the walls simply plastered or covered with colored tiles. And speaking of tiles, the solid green ones are perfect for totally immersing yourself in this regenerating color; if you prefer a decidedly exotic atmosphere, the geometric-patterned Lisbon tiles or the Moroccan mosaics are for you. To give a tropical touch to the bathroom without renewing the coverings, just a few objects are needed, such as shower curtains with exotic patterns and green or natural fiber accessories, such as bamboo or coconut: add linen in shades of green, from Greenery to Forest, and the effect is guaranteed.

Finally, here is an idea of ​​an “adventurous” color palette suggested by Better Home & Gardens. If you love green, you can read my post on the topic: Furniture trends 2017: furnish with green. Green, against all appearances, is however not an easy color: it looks warmer than blue, while in reality, it can be quite cold if it is not combined correctly. In an environment like the bathroom, it is advisable to avoid only cold tones, so use furniture or accessories made of wood or natural fibers to make the environment more welcoming.

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