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How to furnish a small bathroom with style

Furnishing with style a small bathroom may seem an insurmountable challenge, especially if it is the only one in the house and if you want it to be functional and beautiful to look at.

In fact, this problem is now very common, given the increasingly small size of the apartments, and the manufacturers of bathroom fixtures and fittings have many products specifically designed for small spaces in the catalog.

The solutions exist, you just have to respect a few rules and your Lilliputian bathroom will have nothing to envy to the more spacious ones.

The first thing to keep in mind in a good project is the minimum measures to be respected between one element and another:

The next step concerns the placement and the choice of the elements, starting from the most cumbersome: the bathtub or the shower. It is clear that you will be forced to choose between the two, and in some cases, you will have to do without the tub. Whatever the choice, the space reserved for this element must be identified first and will depend on the size of the room and its shape.

Long and narrow bathroom:

a great challenge! The long and narrow bathroom risks resembling a corridor cluttered without personality.

Here are a couple of tricks to solve the problem:

  1. use the back wall to place the tub (if the width allows it), the shower cubicle or one of the sanitary fixtures. A useful trick to visually shorten the room
  2. enhances short walls, for example using a dark or lively color, in contrast with the long walls that will be lighter.
  3. Place all the elements on one of the two long walls, in this way you will have more space to move. Avoid placing the vase or bidet near the door.

Square bathroom:

the square space favors a good distribution of the elements. Take advantage of the corners, choosing corner sanitary fixtures, such as the sink and the shower tray, equipped with a box with a curved side and sliding doors. Place them at the two corners of the same wall: in this way, you will have a completely free site for the vase and the bidet.

Any advice in general:

Regardless of the shape of the bathroom, there are some basic rules to follow to achieve an optimal result.

Colors and materials:

a good choice of colors and materials helps to visually expand the space. Regardless of the color you prefer, use a light shade, white or pastel, and paint or cover the walls at full height. Multiply the effect by using reflective materials such as mirrors and polished tiles.


for the vase and the bidet, the compact mini suspended sanitary ware is the best solution to save space. Today there are commercially available deep models of 35 to 40 cm.

Also with regard to the washbasins, you can choose from many smaller models, choosing models that leave the space below free, which you can use to store items.

For the bathtub, I recommend a free-standing model with a rounded shape or on feet: in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, they give an impression of greater lightness than rectangular baths.

Faucets and shower boxes

Also for these elements, it is a question of centimeters and optical illusions: choose wall-mounted taps and gain small precious spaces, while with a transparent box, in crystal or polycarbonate, with thin or invisible profiles, the shower will seem less bulky.


discarded the ceiling lights and hanging lamps, which would highlight the shape of the room, in favor of the appliques, with a warm and soft light.


The first rule to be observed is to not overload the environment with useless objects. Use the shelves instead of the closed shelves, and use the height to create additional volumes.

Finally, give your imagination free rein with some small creative touches: even if the bathroom is small, it doesn’t necessarily have to be original …

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