How to furnish a 3.5sqm bathroom in 10 moves

A project certainly challenging but not impossible. Naturally, it will be a very small bathroom: some solutions I had already illustrated in a previous article. Today we see how to furnish a 3.5sqm bathroom in 10 moves, using space-saving devices and furnishings without sacrificing comfort and style.

  1. Choose a compact bathroom cabinet with integrated sink, so you can take advantage of every inch. Today you are spoiled for choice, given that this furniture is the trend of the moment: from the cheapest models to the high-end ones, the bathroom furniture will be the centerpiece of the room, the element to choose first and around which all others will rotate.
  2. Another highlight of the Lilliputian bathroom is the mirror. It has the power to expand the space, but not only: if you opt for a container mirror you will get more space to have all your toiletry at hand, in the absence of tabletops.
  3. Sanitary ware: they are usually bulky, and then in Italy, unlike in other countries, the bidet is indispensable (as well as required by the building regulation!). Don’t worry, choose the suspended models from 45 to 50 cm deep, now offered by almost all manufacturers.
  4. Shower or bathtub: unfortunately you will not be able to install a Jacuzzi. The ideal choice is the shower with the flat plate, which has to its advantage the practicality of entry into the shower and the greater width of the walking surface. Furthermore, these plates can be supplied to measure.
  5. Shower enclosure: attention to the wardrobe effect of certain bulky and impractical boxes, especially if placed in a small space! Rather, set up a beautiful waterproof fabric curtain, to be collected to expand the space: an economic and practical solution. The shower box, on the other hand, must be transparent and with thin profiles, perhaps a “walk-in” model with fixed or mobile doors. These stratagems are useful to give the illusion that space is bigger.
  6. Heating: fixed the towel warmer fixed to the wall: it takes up little space and can be used to hang towels.
  7. Coatings: minimize the elements that create discontinuity on the surfaces, such as tile joints, uneven floors, separators. For the coating, prefer light colors on the walls: the ideal is cement, which creates a homogeneous and continuous surface. Alternatively, paint the walls with a water repellent paint, assigning the tiles, preferably large, to the shower compartment only.
  8. Furniture: also use the vertical surface, with shallow columns and wall units and shelves. If niches are present, place shelves and containers.
  9. The door: absolutely sliding or in a casket! If it is not possible to open the door to the outside, even if it is a restaurant toilet …
  10. Finally, the personal touch, essential for your mini bathroom to be complete. Keep decoration to a minimum: a few light touches to keep the environment light, but essential to personalize the bathroom and give it a touch of warmth: a nice ethnic rug, beautiful baskets to hold hygiene products, a small print. Few well-chosen things and your tiny bathroom will no longer look like it.

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