Furniture trends: wallpaper in the bathroom? Yes, but artistic!

Cersaie 2016 ended a little over a month ago, and, among the many proposals, I was impressed by those of wallpaper companies, also because I wondered what they were doing in a ceramics fair.

Well, upholstery is one of the most popular wall coverings among the 2017 bathroom furnishing trends, thanks to the new generation products, designed to withstand wet environments.

Of course, in the Anglo-Saxon countries, the use of wallpaper even in the bathroom is a consolidated custom, but the wallpaper I am talking about today is so advanced that it can also be laid in the shower compartment. Incredible right? Moreover, they are not only beautiful, they are artistic. Seeing is believing!

Here are the three brands, all very Italian, that presented their novelties at Cersaie 2016 and that caught my attention.

Let’s start with Glamora: plays of shadows, transparencies, quotations from the past and futuristic inspirations: the artistic wallpapers of Glamora give a new dimension to space, thanks to reasons of great impact and not repetitive.

And then there are the London Art tapestries, a company that, the name doesn’t deceive, is very Italian: classic retro or vintage motifs revisited for the Glass Wet line, a special collection of papers suitable for covering damp environments, thanks to a revolutionary process that allows you to create a fiberglass fabric.

Finally, a selection of the Wall & Deco proposals, another Italian company that, thanks to the innovative Wet and Out techniques, has created wallpapers that can be laid without problems in damp environments and outdoors!

I find them beautiful, much warmer and more decorative than the classic tiles. Furthermore, browsing through the 2017 catalogs, you will be enchanted by the unusual motifs, patterns and sophisticated designs that are treated in detail: and it could not be otherwise, given that the lines are all signed by talented designers!

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