Cersaie: 2018 trends for bathroom fixtures and bathroom furnishings

After exploring the 2018 trends for coatings, we see, in broad terms, the main trends for bathroom fixtures and fittings. Also here, as for the coverings, there is no big news. Before going into detail, we can identify the themes that unite almost all the proposals: the possibility of personalizing bathroom fixtures and fittings (a trend that also concerns wall coverings); the protagonist nature , both as a source of inspiration for the design, both as a subject to be protected in the production process; the ‘ technological innovation of materials and home automation; the bathroom as a privileged place for relaxation and well-being .

As for the design, sculptural and organic forms for the sanitary ware, in contrast with the square volumes of the furniture, while the materials tend to involve, in addition to sight, also the touch, thanks to “soft touch” surfaces or material textures.

Starting with sanitary ware, the first thing that strikes you is the return of color, both for traditional ceramic products and for those made of composite materials. This trend is inspired by the pastel-colored bathrooms of the fifties, sixties, and eighties, although the current colors are mostly opaque and natural: mud, gray, black, green and blue.

Among the integrated washbasins, great prominence to Ideagroup’s flagship, Dògma by Aqua, a collection declined in 4 different styles, characterized by minimalist design, geometric lines, interlocking games between empty and full volumes, high-impact color contrasts. Wood is the absolute protagonist, in all its forms, from solid wood to veneered wood, and blends harmoniously with aluminum elements in the industrial version, or marble-like stoneware in the most sought-after version. Of note, again by Ideagroup, is also the Dolcevita by Idea collection, presented as an absolute preview and awarded during the event, together with its creator Riccardo Gava, with the ADI Ceramics & Bathroom Design Award 2017.

The countertop washbasins stand out , among which the Outline collection by the Turkish company VitrA Global stands out: with an attractive design, they are made of Serafine, a material that allows for very thin edges, and are available in five shapes (asymmetrical, oval, square, teardrop, round) and in 5 colors.

Column basins are becoming more and more popular, a trend that could be further consolidated in the years to come: here the designers, also thanks to the composite materials that allow great expressive freedom, indulged their imagination; personally I prefer the essential shapes and clean lines, like those of the Nude collection by Ceramica Flaminia, which is enriched with new models, including Nude Slim.

Ceramica Flaminia is riding the trend of the WC without rim (for the uninitiated, it is the hollow in the edge from which the flush water comes out) with the goclean® system patented by the company and applied to the App, MiniApp, Link collections PLUS, Pinch and Bonola.

My personal “sympathy prize” goes to R Studio, of which I visited the stand at the Fuorisalone in Milan last April. To their debut at Cersaie, they presented a very “easy” sartorial proposal, with the B’52 bathroom furniture made in Milan, designed with two hands (or two minds) by the architect Aladino Carabelli and the carpenter Christian Ragone. Vintage aesthetics and quality artisan production for a product that can also be customized online thanks to a configurator. Available only on order.

In the shower area, the proposals of Fiora, a Spanish company specialized in the production of synthetic shower trays, such as the super-thin Essential: anti-slip and “soft touch”, can be installed flush with the floor or supported, is produced in 15 different sizes and it can be combined with the Skin series panels, to replace the bathtub or the old shower in a simple and fast way.

Among the boxes, I was struck by the model of the Bluecleu Blondecrazy collection: light and essential, with very thin steel profiles, transparent glass plates, and a practically invisible sliding closure. The bathtub in the same collection is also beautiful, an oval freestanding white solid surface with sides in lacquered wood panels (RAL colors of your choice).

The return of color also concerns the taps, proposed, as well as in the already seen roses gold and gold, in black, perhaps the most popular color. However, perhaps the most innovative proposal comes from Treemme Rubinetterie with its 5MM line: made of satin-finish stainless steel, with an incredible thickness of just 5mm, it is available in wall and recessed versions, for washbasin, bidet, shower, and kitchen. Winner of the Compasso d’oro ADI, it is a very elegant and innovative series, able to furnish the bathroom by itself.

Also of interest is the solution proposed by Aquealite for the multi-function showerheads of the Ninfea collection, a modular system composed of elements that differ in size and function: cascade water jets, rainwater, nebulizer, combined with music boxes that can be activated via Bluetooth and led lights colored or white, for an experience that involves all the senses.

Finally, the design also arrives in the laundry room, with the Tino wash-basin, designed by Alessandro Paolelli for Colavene. Inspired by the old-style tubs, it is 30 cm deep and is equipped with an inclined rubbing board: it can be installed on the wall or supported, with the possibility of combining with the other elements of the collection, such as the support piece and matching accessories in ash. Offered in 7 colors, it is so beautiful that it would not look out of place in the main bathroom!

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