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Bathroom tiles: the return of the 60s

The minimalist style, in vogue in recent decades, is giving way; just think that until a few years ago, for the bathroom, coatings were almost exclusively used in a single-color version and matching the bathroom furniture, generally in neutral colors and matt finishes. But, as you well know, fashions pass and recur over the years, so ceramics with pastel colors and geometric or floral patterns reappeared.

With the return of vintage, super colored ceramic products and cement tiles produced by niche companies or large brands are preferred. Many vintage lines are included in the catalog, and often they are just patterns and colors used in the past, which are reproduced thanks to advanced digital technologies. A sort of “Amarcord” with quality products of different shapes, but always keeping in mind the retro patterns: the geometric shapes or floral tones come into the mood of the moment. Then using designer bathroom furniture, perhaps second-hand gives a really special touch to the environment!

Custom tiles: an upgrade always in vintage style.

The “tailor-made” is another of the most relevant trends of the moment. The manufacturers of bathroom tiles have quickly adapted to the trend, offering the public the possibility of having customized coverings, always thanks to the most advanced digital technologies. So why not use this possibility even for your bathroom in vintage or retro style?

Vintage postcards, vintage newspapers or photographs of past holidays can now be printed on ceramic tiles: having real reproductions of something that was actually owned by a family member, or a dear place, by a sign of even stronger belonging to what is the housing unit.

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