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Advice for bathroom maintenance

That’s why with some little foresight and some useful advice you can make the bathroom perfectly clean and functional.

Ceramic surfaces

Let’s start with the tiles: the right arm for shining surfaces is an effective greaser. You always have to start from the tiles that are higher up, sprinkle here and there, wait for the grease to make its effect and proceed to dry with a damp cloth.

When cleaning the tiles, you can also spend some time taking care of the joints, in this case, the advice is to use a toothbrush, a little elbow grease even the joints will return to shine.

The sanitary ware

It is undeniable that the less pleasant part is the maintenance of the sanitary ware, often the dirtiest part of the bathroom. In this case, attention to detail is essential. The first rule is to have a cloth or a sponge dedicated only to the care of the sanitary, as regards the detergents, it will be important to have a valid disinfectant as an ally that is able to destroy the greatest number of bacteria present.

The sanitary ware is also often subject to minor maintenance interventions, both for the ceramics and for the pipes and mixers. For ceramics it may be useful to occasionally use specific chemical products, taking care not to use too much abrasive or aggressive detergents that could cause the ceramics to lose their enamel.

Regarding the maintenance of plumbing and plumbing, the advice is to avoid DIY, which often ends up aggravating the initial problem. The advice is to contact professionals, who can occasionally make inspections, view and possibly revise the facilities. In case of emergency, fortunately, there are companies like SuperMario24 that offer hydraulic emergency services in Milan also available during the night and the weekend. In case of serious breakdowns, it is never advisable to intervene directly but wait for an expert who can solve the problem permanently.

The shower box

Even for the shower, you need constant maintenance and cleaning. An essential part and a good habit would be to clean it as soon as you have finished showering, to avoid the creation of biofilms. You do not need a great deal of time, just a few small precautions are enough, such as cleaning the windows (if they are present) with a window cleaning brush, which will allow us to remove the remaining drops and a splash of anti limestone on the metal parts.

Finally, always keep an eye on the shower drain, which can often be clogged with hair and hair, in this case, the use of chemical liquids for domestic drains can be a valid ally. Even in this case, however, if the problem is not resolved, it is absolutely necessary to contact a professional.

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