A stimulating project

Dear friends, good Friday. In these weeks I am engaged in a very stimulating renovation and restyling project: finally, my ideas and my tastes met those of a customer in love with the Provencal style and shabby chic, which in Milan, until recently, was unthinkable.

In the city of modern design and steel and glass skyscrapers, the shabby chic style has crept slowly and timidly, joining the vintage trend and modernism that has been in vogue for a long time. Now the white furniture ruined by art, after having conquered bars and shops of all kinds, from the baker to the boutique, perhaps they will also invade the houses of the Milanese … who knows.

This appearance of white and shabby shops and stores made me think: you want to see that the interior architects are riding the wave, having despised those who, like me, preferred to preserve the decorative elements, floors, and fixtures of the house’s vintage, rather than demolish everything and place plasterboard walls, create labyrinthine hallways and lower ceilings with lots of spotlights?

On this subject I cannot help but be a bit controversial: I saw too many houses devastated by questionable interventions so as not to remove this big stone from my shoe.

I prefer to draw by hand, I keep the lines and curvilinear in the wood of my grandfather and I detest Autocad: I’m really strange … eh heh heh

I would like to found “an association” against the lowered ceilings with spotlights in period houses (perhaps with 4-meter high ceilings decorated with stucco)

What intrigues me about this project is above all the bathroom: my client does not want tiles (another association to be founded as soon as possible) but a wooden boiserie: it will be difficult to convince the entrepreneur, who will surely use the deadly weapon of the humidity to make us pass any ambition … I already feel it.

For the entrance, I thought of a beautiful recovery shutter

The walnut-colored bed with a modern line can be covered with fabric….

and then … it’s nice to work with those who have the same tastes.

Good weekend!

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