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2018 furnishing trends: the triumph of marble

Undoubtedly, among natural stones, marble is the noblest and sought after. Used since ancient times to build and decorate buildings, in modern times it reached the peak of popularity in Baroque art and architecture. Much loved by rationalist architects, he covered most of the houses from the thirties to the seventies, both in precious slabs, both in Palladian and seeded (made with the waste of marble processing, therefore cheaper).

Today marble has become the object of the desires of designers, who use it to create furniture and objects of great trend, but not only: marbled tapestries, marble-effect porcelain stoneware, marble-like laminates and other materials that imitate the unmistakable veining sprout everywhere. Therefore even those who do not wish to resort to the expensive and delicate stone can find valid alternatives.

The most popular is Carrara marble, appreciated for its white color and elegant gray veins, and black marble. Marble triumphs above all in the kitchen and bathroom, but also in furniture, accessories and furnishing accessories. White marble is practically combined with all colors and materials, while black marble is best when combined with metals such as copper and brass.

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