10 marine inspirations for the bathroom

Finally, I decided to take the big step, and for me, finding the “old” backend, with all its wonderful options, was like coming home! Today I didn’t have much time to prepare an article, since I’m still working on the appearance of the blog, but I still wanted to see if all the ambaradan works. This is why I selected 10 marine style baths that I particularly like, and I will let the images speak mainly.


In marine-inspired bathrooms, the main material is wood, laid in large planks on walls and floors, preferably painted white or left natural. For accessories such as lamps, mirrors, and various accessories, you can choose traditional brass, which recalls the equipment on the boats, or prefer poorer materials such as iron or zinc, perhaps a little worn, the rope and heavy cloth for sailing.


The dominant color is white: depending on the style and decoration chosen, the palette can then vary on natural tones such as sand or gray, or be based on brighter colors such as marine yellow, red and blue; a romantic and delicate palette uses the shades of pale blue, aquamarine green and turquoise.


Glass vases with shells, starfish, and sticks consumed by the sea are perfect for decorations. The baskets and carpets in natural fiber, perhaps accompanied by some tropical plants, add an exotic touch in the “southern seas” style.

Top trend

Round mirrors like portholes tied with rope; boat lamps, better if original.

Let’s enjoy together the marine atmosphere that these beautiful bathrooms convey and maybe find some inspiration. See you soon!

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