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“ELOQUENCE – Complete Works” is the definitive compilation of ex-Kraftwerk percussionist Wolfgang Flür’s electronic pop output from 2002 to the present day. As the ex electro-drummer of German electronic legends Kraftwerk, Flür, with his then musical partner Florian Schneider, developed the world’s first electric drum pads board in 1973 for their recordings and stage performances..

Starting with his sung autobiography, ‘I Was A Robot’ which was a No.6 hit on the German Club charts; Flür’s Kraftwerk heritage is evident, but, whereas Kraftwerk were known for their stripped down arrangements, Flür overlays lush melodies that fuse elements of electronica, jazz, Krautrock, dance music and verbatim theatre into one truly timeless and innovative album.

Since 2004, Flür has been presenting house, industrial and electro music worldwide in clubs and at festivals as the ‘Musik Soldat’.

Flür’s collaboration with Nitzer Ebb’s Bon Harris produced the track ‘Axis of Envy’. Flür also co-operated with Anni Hogan (former Marc & The Mambas pianist / musical director) on the delicate and affecting closing track ‘Golden Light’. Wolfgang’s collaborations are as global as his stature; Moda Makina (Fashion Machine) having been created with Ramón Amezcua of Mexican band Nortec Collective.

One final highlight of this innovative, eclectic and warmly electronic album is Flür’s collaboration with Jack Dangers of Meat Beat Manifesto on ‘Staying In The Shadow’.

“ELOQUENCE”, in all of its editions – Clear Vinyl Double LP with download code, CD and Download – is a truly international collection including German versions of ‘Cover Girl’ and ‘On The Beam’ and a Japanese version of ‘On The Beam’ sung by ex-Pizzicato Five’s vocalist Nomiya Maki.

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